Our Lady the Rosa Mystica

Madonna and Child

The ultimate end of all our devotions and desires is Jesus Christ. Knowing our weakness, and desire to share with us the beautiful object of His own unique filial affections, Our Lord has presented to us the simple yet grand, image of the Mondona and Child -- the only icon of salvation available to a weary world.  It is Divine Love, then, pure and simple, that has Mary not what She is, but what She is to us:

"Is Mary the Rose then? Mary the tree?
But the blossom there, who can it be?
Who can Her rose be? It could be one:
Christ Jesus, Our Lord-Her God and Her Son.
In the gardens of God, in the daylight divine
Shew me Thy son, Mother, Mother of mine.
Does it smell sweet too in the holy place?
Sweet unto God. and the sweetness is grace:
O breath of its bathes great Heaven above,
In grace that is charity, grace that is love.
To thy breast, to thy rest,to thy glory divine
Draw me by charity, Mother of mine."

 (Fr. Gerald Manley Hopkins, Rosa Mystica)