To Traditional Roman Catholics

- by Father Charles Mersereau

We have come to you, the traditional Roman Catholic Church.  It is as if the Novus Ordo has cast us completely aside.  We come to you for truth and protection.  We are considered non-entities, bowing under oppression and burdened by toil beyond our powers.

We are scorned and no longer regarded as human beings.  We are treated as persons who must suffer their bitter lot in silence.  Having thus to suffer this ignoring, we are driven deeper and deeper into the abyss of rejection.

We have been strangled by this despotism and arbitrary rule.  It is not unusual that we have lost our patience amidst this ignoring.

The limit of our endurance has now been reached.  Yet there has never come for us that great moment when the abandonment of our ageless Faith is preferable to this continuation of intolerable torture and persecution.  We would never abandon the Faith of our Fathers.  We will be true to it until death.

We ask but little.  We demand only that faith without which life is not life, but scorn and rejection.  We are seemingly neglecting our work of evangelization.

May the name of Christ be impressed upon our hearts and in the hearts of our descendants for all eternity!

We belong to the traditional Catholic Church which endured during all the centuries, and which will continue to endure for those to come.  These are the great needs we require.

Despite our being snubbed by the Novus Ordo for the past 40 years, we will continue our activities as traditional Catholics who uphold the True Faith of centuries.

Faith of Our Fathers

Faith of our fathers, living still
In spite of dungeon, fire and sword.
O how our hearts beat high with joy
Whene'er we hear that glorious word!

Faith of our fathers, Holy Faith
We will be true to Thee 'till death.

Faith of our Fathers!  We will love
Both friend and foe in all our strife.
And preach Thee too, as love knows how
By kindly words and virtuous life.

Faith of our Fathers! Holy Faith!
We will be true to Thee 'till death.

It is easy to forget the sacrifices made so long ago that make life so bearable today.  But we will persevere.  May we leave you with the following advice:

  • Be a friend of justice.  May you teach the Traditional Church to be moved neither by passion or by prejudice.
  • May they never believe that their Faith may be bought.
  • May you always appear calm and reserved.
  • May you always be approachable and may you always exhibit pleasantness of manner.
  • May you always exhibit good judgment and do good works.

The advice is "Trust always in God.  Put your care into His hands. As a consequence, you will always have the competence and calibre of greatness.